Best Online Casino Bonuses:

At AskThePlayer, we will show you a good overview of all the different types of online casino bonuses available out there. Below you can find all Bonuses offered by our selection of best online casinos which we at certify as safe to play at and fully trustworthy online casinos and fair casino bonuses.

Best Online casino Bonuses:

AS you are going trough all the online casino bonuses that are on show at, it is very important that not only you search for the games you like such as Slots, blackjack, poker and roulette. However, you also see carefully that you can get the top online casino bonuses that are optimized just for you.

To make it easier for you, we’ve gathered some of the frequently used online casino bonus terms and provided a brief explanation on each together with the most popular Bonuses you would find at an online casino:

Types of Online Casino Bonuses:

Welcome Bonus: This is one of the most offered Casino Bonuses in online casino bonuses. This Welcome Bonus Package is offered to new players when they create an account on the online casino in question. Normally this is a percentage amount attached to a capped amount from the player’s deposit amount.

No Deposit Bonus: The No Deposit Bonus normally is a number of Free Spins offered by the online casino to the newly registered player, without the registered player has to deposit before. Normally you will see that the Free Spins are tied up with a capped winning which means the max amount you can win and cash out after wagering requirement is done.

Cashback Bonus: Cashback Bonuses is normally offered weekly on loses done playing certain games, most popular on slot games. There are even Online casinos that are offering the cashback bonus instead of the normal Welcome Bonus Packages described above. In all furnace, in the long run the Cashback Bonus is much more appreciated as everybody likes to see a percentage of his loses coming back to him to play with again.

Reload Bonus: After you have completed the Welcome Package Bonus many casinos offer you a reload bonus for the next deposit done. Sometime even with Free Spins included. Most of the time this bonus is issued by an online casino for retention purposes.

Online Casino Bonuses vary from one casino to another however, the above-mentioned bonuses are the most seen and or used online casino bonuses. However, you can find other bonuses available for you. Other Bonuses might be attached the loyalty players who start ranking in VIP programs. You can find Bonuses in Live Casino Games. In addition to all this, one can see also exclusive bonuses offered to players who come to the online casino in question via a different site like for example.


Wagering Requirements: Some bonuses will require a wagering requirement before they can be cashed out. This is an amount that has to be wagered before a winning’s withdrawal can be done. Usually, the bonus and deposit amount must be wagered a number of times.

Bonus Code: This is a code that must be entered for you to activate the online casino bonus in question. This is not required for all bonuses offered, most likely it will be for exclusive bonuses, temporary promotions, and also for some tournaments offered by the online casino in question.

Welcome Bonus: Whenever you join a new online casino most of the time you are offered a Welcome Bonus which is sometimes divided offer the first multiple deposits. These Welcome Bonuses normally consist of a percentage of the deposit made in addition to some free spins.

No Deposit Bonus: The No Deposit Bonus normally is made out of free spins upon registering with a new online casino without having to deposit any money beforehand. Non the less the No Deposit Bonuses also come with a wagering requirement plus a maximum withdrawal amount and fixed bet amount. However, these requirements are not always done.

Max Bonus: The Max Bonus is the utmost amount you can get from the bonus offered by the online casino. For instance, let’s say the First Deposit Bonus offered is 100% up to €500, €500 is the Max Bonus available to the percentage. In addition, if you exceed the offered amount, this exceeded amount will not be part of the percentage offered.

Expiration Date: This is the number of days the bonus you activated will be available for. In that time, you have to finish the wagering requirement else you will not be able to cash out and all will be lost.

Valid Games: These go for bonuses offered by the online casino, most of the time these bonuses are not available for all games. Some of the most common bonuses can be used for slots only, while live casino games, jackpot games, and other online casino games are not included.

Finding the right and safe Online Casino Bonus for you: Here at you can register and become a member, there you can chat with other players and also with the administration of the site itself. There you can discuss and shar your opinion about the casino bonuses that are promoted on the site together with other bonuses that are not.

Non-the-less after discussing the bonuses offered and or the bonuses you would like to make use off with members and or admins of, always make the good choice for you. Always check if the Online Casino Licence, the Casino Terms and conditions, the Bonus Terms and Conditions and last but not least the types of bonuses offered on the online casino you are playing at.

Enjoy yourself browsing and searching for the best online casino bonuses here on Ask the members for their opinion on which are the best casino bonuses offered, Share your experience with us and above all play safe and enjoy.

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